Overcome Housing Search Barriers

Are you denied housing in Minnesota because of a criminal background, low credit score, or recent eviction?Beyond Backgrounds by HousingLink can help!

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Chat with a housing coach. Learn how to explain barriers to landlords. It's free.

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Financial Assurance for Landlords

Landlords like extra support when renting to someone with background barriers. Double deposits. Co-signers. First and last month's rent up front. Ugh...Our Financial Assurance is better, AND much cheaper than a double deposit.You pay $300 when you find a landlord who will work with you. The landlord gets up to $2,000 of financial coverage if something goes wrong.You pay $300 after an owner/manager says they are willing to rent to you.

Who is a good fit?

Beyond Backgrounds helps people with barriers who CAN pay the rent.Have a job or ongoing rental assistance like a Housing Choice Voucher? You are good to go.

Pay the rent

How to explain evictions

Watch the 1 minute video for tips on how to explain your eviction history.

How to explain criminal background

Watch the 1 minute video for tips on how to explain your criminal background.

How to explain a low credit score

Watch the 1 minute video for tips on how to explain a low credit score.

How to explain not having enough income

Watch the 1 minute video for tips on how you will make things work, even if you don't earn 2-3x the rent.

Automate Your Housing Search

Set up a Saved Search on HousingLink. You will get texts of housing listings that are open to Beyond Backgrounds renters.

Buy Financial Assurance

Did a landlord agree to offer you housing with Beyond Backgrounds Financial Assurance?Get the financial assurance here!

Cost: $300

Share Your Lease Info

Once your lease is signed we need some info from it.This is required to activate your financial assurance.We will send you an email reminder on move-in day.

Buy Financial Assurance

Did a landlord agree to offer you housing with Beyond Backgrounds Financial Assurance?Buy financial assurance here.

Cost: $300

Instructions to Pay by Money OrderMake the money order payable to: HousingLinkAmount: $300Mail to:
1400 Van Buren St NE
Suite 215
Minneapolis, MN 55413
When we get your payment, we will notify you and your landlord with next steps.Thanks!The Beyond Backgrounds Team
[email protected]

Program Agreement, Privacy Policy, Terms and ConditionsProgram Agreement
By purchasing Beyond Backgrounds Financial Assurance, I agree to the following:
I will follow all terms of my lease.
I will follow the rules and regulations for my rental unit.
I will follow the rules and regulations for the entire building/property.
I will pay rent on time.
I will treat the unit/property with care.
I will respond to check-ins from Beyond Backgrounds staff.
I will notify the person designated by the landlord if there are any maintenance issues with the unit.
I understand Beyond Backgrounds does not pay my rent.
Privacy Policy
I give my consent for staff from Beyond Backgrounds and its partner agencies to confer over the phone, in person, or through email with previous, current, and potential landlords concerning my housing needs.
I understand that by signing this form, I am giving permission for the Beyond Backgrounds program to speak on my behalf.Terms and Conditions
The $300 fee for Financial Assurance is not refundable.
Beyond Backgrounds participation is not a guarantee of housing.
The Beyond Backgrounds program is not insurance and the program is not transferable.
The participant must have enough income (or a voucher) in order to pay monthly rent.
Beyond Backgrounds does not provide monetary rental assistance, and there is no refund if the participant can’t afford the cost of housing.
Participants can choose to exit the program at any time.
Beyond Backgrounds does not pay application fees, security deposits, utility deposits,
rent, or any upfront fees to the landlord or participant.
There is no guarantee that a landlord will choose to participate in Beyond Backgrounds once a participant is housed.
The ultimate goal is to secure housing, so whether or not
the landlord participates does not affect being housed.
If the landlord opts in to participate in Beyond Backgrounds, then the program will provide up to $2,000 to the landlord once the security deposit has been used for
damages to the unit, unpaid rent, or eviction costs/legal fees.
This can only be accessed by the landlord/owner at the end of the first year of the lease or when the renter moves out, whichever comes first.
The Beyond Backgrounds participant must be named on the lease.
Landlords cannot be immediate family members of the renter. This includes parents, siblings, or children of the renter.Room rentals or subletting is not allowed. The participants must be added to a lease.
Up to two non-familial adults are allowed to be on the lease with the Beyond Backgrounds participant.
The start date of the lease must be on or after the date of payment for the Beyond Backgrounds program.
The terms and conditions of using the program is that the applicable law for this program is Minnesota law and the forum for all claims and disputes arising from the use of the
program are the stated and federal courts of Minnesota located in Minneapolis, MN.